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Hey guys and gals sorry for not posting this weekend, I had gone camping and it was the perfect time to take a break from technology and just escape ;)

(Also if you haven't seen angle beats the images are spoilers...)


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Instinctively my hands moved to my side
It felt as though my heart had died
I couldn't believe that I had felt it inside
Now all I can do is cry

I broke away from the crowd
Only a sample of sight
Through eyes in teared clouds
The sting of the dust
I ran as fast as I could
I tripped and started to cuss

I wish This would all just stop
Sometime this was too much
I couldn't bare this anymore
I couldn't find it in me to walk through the door

I wasn't able to tell em
The you had fallen
Broken yourself
Over a guy that was meant to be by himself

You hurt so badly and I couldn't just sit by
And watch as you cried
It really beat me up inside
I just wanted to be at your side

But now you're gone
Everything I did wrong
I wish I was more useful
Now There's nothing more

Leaving me a memory
Of what you were and could be
I can't see clearly
Why you'd leave without me...

By Ethan

enter image description here
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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here ^~^ <(^~^<)

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HIHI Ethan!,

Aw that's wonderful @ xxsenpaixsamaxx 💜
Reminds me of that horrible aching loss after a relationship, its almost like being in mourning , when you are reaching out and there is nothing there! (like illustrated in your last pic)!
& then there is the regrets( that you spoke of in your poem) where you wish you could of changed things.. wish you could have done more.

I hope that its not a true reflection as it's sad , its still beautiful, as ever though ;]


There has been a lot of pain but we can all move past it, Thank you for your kind words and support


Awww I hope healing comes your way. No more pain. U write so beautifully !!! Sending positive thoughts ...

lol Angel Beats, one of my favourite animes.

Beautiful poem 🌝

Nice poem and reading experience was excellent , thanks for the

A beautiful poem with heartfelt pain of loss and sorrow. Your poem represents many who have experienced a broken relationship with someone special. Life is definitely hard and painful. I'm glad that you write such deep poems. Thank-you Ethan for sharing something that reaches the heart.

You wanted me to post the site of my Path to Being. I recently did two. https://steemit.com/life/@cabbagepatch/path-to-becoming-5-a-dynamic-perspective-we-are-like-onions & https://steemit.com/life/@cabbagepatch/a-path-to-becoming-6-negativity-a-block-that-interferes-with-your-connection-to-inner-self.

I hope you had a wonderful time getting away and camping. It is always good to be with nature. Have a great week ahead!


Thank you, I really enjoyed my weekend it was a good break. I will enjoy your posts :)


Thanks for posting! I'm now following, if you'd like to follow back.

Ohh...It is amazing! You have a talent) Will follow you for more :)


Your post never makes me dissapointed!

Who has not left a thorn in the soul can not understand this poem


this is so good omg!

Upvoted and followed