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First Glance

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A woman I had only met by chance
Stumbled into my heart at first glance
There was none that matched her grace
Or the elegance of her beautiful face

Her fair, fine, silky smooth skin
Her dark mysterious eyebrows
Her childishly cute smile
That stretched on for a mile

Her calm small voice
Her quickness in choice
Her stern simple way
That mesmerized me that day
My tongue was in a stupor
This fate of seeing her once I couldn't endure

How shall I find this mystery
How may I present all I have to thee
How can I unlock your identity
How can I, with you, become one entity
Where can I look to find you
There's nothing I wouldn't do

Give me a change
A second glance
A new begining
To try and make a winning
I promise to find you again
Until then you are locked in my brain

Note: If there are any spelling errors or things you disagree with, I would appreciate it if you let me know :)

By Ethan

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this poem makes me...

entangled in fire
no way out but I will take my chances
I will look this fire in the eyes
and tell her I love her
when she falls for me
i will break her heart
there! fire quenched!
life moves on...

Nice poem!

toungue.....I reckon you meant Tongue!
Otherwise the poem is well, though a little more depth would have helped. Thanks

Its really a nice poetry.
And i wish some one see me that way,
So romantic

I have to tell you this, the first quatrain caught my attention and aroused my interest to read all through. Words were well enslaved. Thanks for sharing Ethan. Please show me some love, I'm new here. I write poems too, check my blog and just maybe you would love it.

Thank you, I appreciate the support, I'll check out your blog once I'm home

I love it, senpai 😊

I really did enjoy this... It's beautiful!

nice to read, the author has a talent ... during the reading, thoughts are laid, I want to read more ... thanks)

She captivated you before she captivated me. Haha. Enjoyable read.

Love the rhyming! Hopefully you could see her again. :)

Great poem. I felt every word.

Kawai~ This poem is lovely, Ethan! I Loved it. ^^ Love at first sight, so cute. hahaha. Reminds me of an old friend of mine. haha ^^~

I'm glad I stirred up sum memories :)

Yeah. hahaha. But anyway I do hope that you'll see this girl again. ;) Best of lucks to you, Ethan. :)

Great content......

Wow! U remembered me my first love ,hmm keep the good work on

You're a lover, @xxsenpaixsamaxx may your heart always be full. Here's a short poem I just posted of my 8 year old niece and I reading a poem of mine :) https://steemit.com/poetry/@yahialababidi/video-of-my-8-year-old-niece-and-i-reading-a-poem-of-mine

I'll check it out :)

Ha ha, your trying too hard, she's going to run.