Poem / A Night out

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A Night out

One thirty four
I walked in and locked the front door
Stripped myself
And threw my clothes on the floor

Got into bed after a long night
And decided that I still needed to write.
Here I am presenting my words to you
In hope that you find them attractice
Or mildly satisfactive

Tonight was a new experience
Full of new people and new faces
All found in new odd places
The night was cold
But the songs were warm
The beating of all the hearts kept you fired up
While you ached as your calves started to cramp up

The smiles and eyes
Kept everyone mezmorized
The flickering of a soft campfire flame
Kept you remembering the reason you came.

Image Credits

By Ethan

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here (^~^) <(^~^<)


very good

hey Senpai, I'm new to steemit and immediately found your works as I stumbleupon through poetry category.

Keep it up. I'm a new fan. :)

Beautiful creations, the night was cold, but the beautiful songs make it warm. Very nice expretions.You have created a great artistic posters on the poem. Thanks for sharing,I like it very much.

"The beating of all the hearts kept you fired up" AH! Bitter truth.

post is awesome dear

You are great in writing poem bro, idol

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i love this Ethan!

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