Love is a game

in poetry •  6 months ago

Today After some kind of hell music plus gossip party with my friends on discord in neo sir server i was feel like tired and also started having some headache😂🤣. so then i made a cup of tea for myself . I actually like to read any kind of book with my tea so i picked one poetry book from my book shelf and start reading.
poet name Faiz Ahmed Fiaz
book name mukalmat-e- faiz basically he is a urdu poet so i liked one Ghazal (poem) i translated it in english and sharing here I hope you guys like it pardon me for any mistake :p

when it is, that you haven't been with me in my commemoration

when it is, that your hand is not in my hand

thanks a ton, that in my dark nights

there is no night of segregation

if there are hard times with you

I can sell my entity and heart

in the path of love

isn't there such a circumstance

The way someone goes to get suffering.

that beauty remains

This life comes and goes

it is no loss if it is lost.

The realm of loyalty isn't a court

who seeks name and fame here

being a lover isn't a job

love isn't anyone's stratum

this game of love is a game

whoever wants can play it

if you win the game then it's yours

if you lost the game still it doesn't matter


take care see ya <3

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xawi is in love!


lol who said?

You falling in love @xawi


lol no uff heheh did my post is showing em in love hahahah :p

Great to see you talking about love.


hehehe thanks :p

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Lovely poem.. Who are you crushing on?