Poem of The Day _3_ Badai Pasti Berlalu by: @wongjava (ina-eng)

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" Badai Pasti Berlalu "

Sepasang merpati terbang berputar-putar

Mencari sarang yang hilang terbawa amukan badai

Berputarlah mereka dalam jiwa yang kosong dan hampa

Menangkap citra kehancuran dari atas langit

Sementara di bawah, hiruk pikuk manusia berlalu lalang

Sesekali rintihan dan tangisan memecah keheningan

Badai memporak-porandakan jiwa-jiwa yang malang

Seorang bocah kehilangan ibunya, menjerit dia dalam kesedihan

Seorang ibu ditinggal mati anaknya, menangis pun tak sanggup dia

Seorang bapak mencari keluarganya, dua anak dan istrinya hilang

Badai menghancurkan kemeriahan pesta

Seorang pemuda tak jadi menikah, sang mempelai diterbangkan badai

Suasana kalut menggelayut di wajah-wajah penuh takut

Badai menggores luka batin mereka

Badai membawa pergi jiwa mereka

Meninggalkan tubuh-tubuh tak bernyawa dan tubuh-tubuh tak berjiwa

Mereka mati dalam hidup

Puisi hari ini, oleh: @wongjava

Badai Pasti Berlalu

Dimanakah Surga ?


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#sorry if any wrong on my translate

" Every Cloud Has Silver Lining "

A pair of pigeons flying around

Looking for lost nests carried by storm raging

Spin them in empty of souls

Captures the images of destruction from above of the sky

While under, the bustle of people passing by

occasionally groans and cries break the silence

The storm destroy the poor of souls

A child losses their mother, screaming in sadness

A mother is left to die by her child, can't cry again

A father is looking for his family, missing in two child and his wife

The storm destroy a party festivity

A young man can't get married, the bride is flown by the storm

A frantic atmosphere hung on fearful faces

The storm scratched their inner wounds

The storm bring away their souls

Leaving lifeless and soulless bodies

They dies in life

Poem of the day, by: @wongjava

Badai Pasti Berlalu


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