Poem of the day _1_ by @wongjava (Indonesian-English)

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" Serigala dan Rembulan "

Rembulan keemasan, kuning berkilauan
Menebar pesona, bunga keindahan dilangit malam
Anggun, megah, bertahta hiasan bintang
Surga mata, insan yang memandang

Dari sebuah batu di atas tebing curam
Mengalun simfoni kesedihan
Merayap ke langit, perlahan-lahan
Serigala merindukan rembulan

Malam semakin larut dan mencekam
Serigala tak jua surut menggoda rembulan
Bernyanyi, bernyanyi dan terus bernyanyi
Sampai nanti, sampai rembulan sudi turun ke bumi

Serigala dan Rembulan


( translate )
#sorry if any wrong on my translate

" The Wolf and The Moon "

The golden moon, glittering yellow
Spreading charm, the flower of beauty in the night sky
Graceful, majestic, enthroned with star ornaments
Heaven eyes, people who looked

From a rock on the top of a cliffs
Heave a symphony of sorrow
Creeping into the sky, slowly
The wolf missed the moon

The night was getting late and gripping
The wolf doesn't recede, teasing the moon
Sing, sing, and always keep on singing
Until later, until the moon descends to earth

The Wolf and The Moon

Poem of the day, by: @wongjava


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