Ode To Infrastructure: A Sonnet to the Drainage Ditch in Winter

in poetry •  last year


When sun and steel, concrete, and ugly snow
Accumulate and merge and puddle down
The causeways and the through-ways with their low,
Base, inconvenient, soggy, slushy, brown,

Hazardous physicality,
Then must we gird our feet and compromise.
All this shit in our reality
Gives lie to elegant designs and wise

Conceptual ideas. And yet the days
We pass this mess, ignoring its rough story,
Proves they're good enough - in ugly ways -
To concentrate a populace in glory.

Our lives would pass sans company, sans riches,
But for the humble spectacle of ditches.

Sonnets have few words. Few words are easier to thumb-type into a phone than many words.

Perhaps tonight we'll have our electricity back, and then I can pen something in honor of electricity and line-men!

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A paean to the valiant common cannon fodder of the elements; the men who, grunting and groaning, brave the foe to bring us our bread and circuses.

I'm sure our ilk and betters will appreciate it. I know I will =)

Edit: I know I'll like what you pen next, because I liked this well.

During my school days I used to love poems but I used to hate the poem/poetry classes because we need to recite the poem in front of the class which was indeed a tough job , so after that I used to bunk my classes almost every poem class we used to have in our week but during our annual exam I used get trap and has to recite front of the class one day my frnds made fun of me and I hated the poems ever since ...

But after joining steem seeing such poems I am just loving it once again ....I have screenshoted the poem and I'll send it to my poem teacher during school days

Btw awesome poem Sir


Thanks @rajaduttablogs, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's a shame that a class that was meant to teach you about poetry would do so much to make you hate it. I'm glad you've come around again!


Yes sir steem community really has a lot of power learned many things over the past few months and still learning

Alas the spending they take to ending first, affects the infrastructure worst, while they waste time on bombing and wars, the roads fall apart outside the door.

Were it not better to invest at home, give jobs to the men of hard hats, replacing lead water lines and overhead wires, for a future infrastructure, cleaner and less prone to failure.

It's not till something fails, do we realize the fragility and age of what we've got, still running on 386's, telephone poles.

6 days have gone: is the electricity back? Is spring ravaging back?


We got power back and then faced down another storm on the first day of spring that fortunately didn't kill the power. One more to go this weekend and maybe we'll be in the clear. I am ready for spring to ravage me now, please!

Despite the fact that I don't like poetry, but I love this. Thanks for sharing sir.

Imagery at its peak. God bless your hand sir.