I will wait for you to stay

in #poetrylast year

There, before you,
Lies the man, beached
On your shore, all the
Pain finally peace, finally
Peace. & we rise from sleep,
Eternally spurned, before
Every silent thing, we pray.
Our church filled with organs
Put keys to all the hosannas
& all gods become possible
With these things. Stay,
Touch me forever, let me die
Mid coitus, my limbs stretched,
My toes curled, biting air,
My teeth white with ululation.
Do not cum for you will leave
& this room will not contain
All our solitude, our monologues.
Catch us, cauterize us in
Your mouth hotter than hell,
Sweeter than heaven, he used
To say. We stay, watch you,
Smoking, faraway, the wall
Prettier than our naked selves,
Hunger soft beneath eyelids.
O how you tumble away & i
Listen at the door, the window
Partly open, sun set dabbed
On the dresser, the twentieth
Ring an almost echo, your
Voice, a pretend presence:
I'm not available at the moment,
Please leave...
I leave, not far, the door
Knob hotter than ice.
I Melt, dribble to the floor,
Find paper flowers-poetry
Always in bloom, filled with
Awe & the bloody throb
Of my purpling heart.
I will wait for you to stay
& open your always empty arms,
Cradle me within, save me.
For I want to die beautiful,
Wild & wanton mid orgasm, eating
Your breath, drinking your skin,
Breathing your air - such
Unbearable pain, such pleasure.


Took this picture long ago when I was almost happy.

©Osahon, 2020.