In the dark

in poetry •  2 months ago

This one is a eulogy for freedom...


Hello friends, trees all, I think I am lost in a deep dark hole.

Rain falls in and unsettles the dust and I realise that I too am dust, but what does it mean?

Perhaps nothing in the greater scheme of things, I really am nothing.

In this hole that I find myself in, where is the love?

Fortunately I have a big case of money to buy my way out of here

And I am sure that soon the money changers will come when they smell it

But until then I ask myself too many questions about why I am here

And why I seem to find myself so much in the deep woods.

How come I am so foolish to live in the dark?

Where is the light to find my way out of here?

Tears for freedom:

I am angry now and I would burst this cage.

No one comes.

I am left alone.

I hear voices from above but they do not mean anything

Only words I cannot understand.

Singing from a place far away.

There is more than this I know.

I curse and pound the dust of this darkness I would escape.

All this money and it cannot buy my freedom.

I think about nothing in my misery.

I know I have been sad, but is this what I deserve?

Something seems to be close at hand yet so far away it is beyond me.

I can’t think my way out of this.

There are many things I think I cannot do.

There are many things I have done

But this is not a doing

It is a thing apart from it all

And I would be out of here.

Image from Pixabay

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This is a beautiful poetry. Alot of emotions in it. I do hope everything is alright


Just another day in paradise