Another bad dream

in poetry •  4 months ago

Sometimes bad dreams come and mix into the good ones until you become quite confused...


I gazed through my window and dreamed a dream

That I took a trip upon a ship

And sail away so far

To a distant land of steel and sand

Where all things made were strange;

Demon kings shadowed by dark wings ruled with an iron hand

And black caped wizards with terminal lizards

Plotted ruin under the stars.

I drifted over the land looking for somewhere to stand

Appalled by all that I saw

For green had turned brown and blue was made grey

And all lovely had vanished away

In the hellish inferno made;

Overshadowing tall steeples towered over the peoples

Regularly calling them to pray

The toll of their master’s grand plan.

I flew on wings to get away from these bad things

Caught in this place of steel and sand

Where everything’s strange

And king wizards plot ruin under the sky;

But the bell sounded again to bring me back

And then: the dream turned:

I came across an axe

Buried in a block of wood

I could not penetrate

It was burning inside a fire

Of me;

Ages of smoke drifted through my mind

Reminding me

Of a place I used to be

Running at the incredible crack of dawn

Feet on silver pegs flying on rubber

Speed rush and roar, morning lit up

Approaching anticipation over my awashed shore

Becoming everything...

First light woke me up

And jumping on my motorbike

I rode away

And never looked back...

Image from Pixabay

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