Flight (Poetry)

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This poem is about a girl who is pleading her mom to let her fly like everyone doing. She don't want much from Destiny . The motive of her life is to stand-up on her own feet once.

I want to fly.......
Let me fly...
Let's get out of this trouble
Do not imprison me so much in the cage
It's like they let me fly

And let's have some real sense
These open fizzy
Wires that shimmer
The first drop of rain
Let me be a forgiving person ..
Let me fly

I hope fly, Just enough
Let me see those nightmares

Live me
Let me fly "flying"!
We do not want to spread the wings,
Refers to the compulsions on my own name ???
Let's go


Know how much courage is raised today again
To do it, That,Live me ...
Let me fly
Let the sky change me .

my efforts ...
If you want my hairs to touch my eyes
If you want to be free from my responsibilities
Let me fly
Let me touch the endless blue sky
That flyer
Let me fill ...
Let me have a last hope
Let me fly ..

With this wish
Let it emerge to non-society
Sound of my existence
Of my personality
I'll give you a chance ...
Let me feel
My share of life
To live
Let me fulfill my wishes

Fill me up
I wish I could fly
Let me fly
Fill the 'fly' me !!


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