Crude love - Keisha's story

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Toxic love:

This is what some girls are going through-

beautiful lady

How could she have thought...

He was calm and rash
His jaw tan and hard
His voice was cool but harsh
His words could break ones heart
Yet she loved him!

cool bad guy

Keisha always wanted more
That had always made her stand tall
Amongst others, she never stay on bad thoughts
Her positivity can't fall, she can't fall
For this reason she never rush
Into matters especially love
Yet she fell for him!

When she was younger she wanted to be a doctor
She started up with always being focused
She deprived herself from fun, she was too serious
Her few friends were always arduous
They met her standards, she had these laws
And rules to keep her curbed
Yet she broke for him!

nerdic beauty

For this very reason she was wierd
Some of her friends were nerds
She was too of the class but worst in dress
Although she was mocked, she didn't care
She had her eyes on the bigger picture lest
She'd have given up a while back and rest
But then she loved him!


I guess she fell for him because she was weird
In her case, like attracted like, reverse magnet
Even when she knew he was violent
He was a cultist, a gang banger, death itself
She still wanted to love him, careless
Of what she knew the outcome would birth
Yet she wanted him!

When she first asked his name
He said he was fame, he didn't need to be named
He had already been named by fame
He was a smooth talker, he played games
He was a player who take flames
Put it in ladies heart and cause pain
After he had made love vain
Yet she wanted him!

She made him like her
Then she made him love her
Before her, he thought he never had a heart
But with her he knew he could make a start
He would never do anything to hurt her
Although that was his default path
She thought she changed him!

harsh love

After a few months of love
She didn't know why but she noticed the drift
He had started to get back to his real self
He became more harsh
But not in the way she fell in love with
This time he showed violent gestures to her
She was scared of him now
What can she do now?
Love covers multiple of sins
She forgave him after he apologized for the first slap
That was the first time he ever hit her, she understood
Then he did it again

he slapped her

She started running from him
That worsened the case, she needed him
But he needed her more than anything
He didn't want to go back to his killing
And her distance was killing
He needed a shoulder to lean
He was getting lean
He loved her!

she's hurt real bad

"Too much", he thought, he never loved before
He never knew how to, the lure of love
He never felt before, he hadn't ever been cuddled up
She was the first to offer him that cure
To his internal injury, the heart - bleed for
Lack of love
He loved her!

He was dying, his life-force was drained
He felt like a mixture of liquid and gas and his life the distillate
His blood was the bottoms, it dropped like rain
He never thought she'd make him frail
He'd never felt like this before, he needed pain
The pain would comfort him
He wanted her!

Then he saw her, not what you think he saw
They were walking holding hands, he paused
He felt like he'd lost remembrance of laws
He didn't give a duck about the cops around the mall
That's where they were, shopping in the mall
He was freaking jealous
He ran in and pulled the blockade bars
Unfortunately, one of the bars succumbed, cracked

angry guy

He ran in with it in his hands
He was out of his mind, he lashed
He fell, Keisha's brother, hard on the ground
Head bleeding, he was out, passed out
He hit him again, this time real hard
She screamed, people came in and tried to grab
The bar and the man
Then he faced everyone, he took them down
One blow each, about 4 men on the ground
Pooooo... He was shot

Keisha's brother hurt

He still stood, he was really strong
Another shot, he didn't succumb
He lashed at a cop, another shot
He fell

he got shot

This time everyone fell
But not in love like before
But in pain or sorrow or death
Keisha had lost her love
But not before her love killed her dear
Brother, who he never knew well.



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Wow... What a story...!

I think this is a very good effort. It looks like you put a lot of time into this.

Good job! Remember to promote it in Steemit chat and discord etc... :-)


Thanks... It was a night work by the way. You can bless a newbie by resteeming her post to your big friends 😉. Thanks


I'm really glad, I'm grateful. Thanks.

Touching poetry

Awesome job dearie. This is a beautiful piece you've got


I'm a learner sir, compared to you. I want to be like you when I grow up, 😂

Okay. I felt my eyes crack a tear there. This is so touching😥