"Contemporary Mother"

in poetry •  last year 

You are labeled as a temptation to the Adams of this world
They said your beauty is just an accessory
They said you are weaker compared to men
This is how the society perceives you
It's about time to change this perception

Your hands possess a certain magic
It can create breakfast even before the sun rises in the east
Your arms serve as a shield to the challenges of life
Your smile is like a rainbow that appears after the rain
Your whole being is a blessing from the Creator Himself

You can bear the weight in your womb for nine whole months
You are the one gave birth to the hope of this country

You have a heart of steel
No matter how many times you get hurt
You get right back up and continue to love and fight

You are the modern Maria Clara who doesn't need an Ibarra to be happy and successful.
You are the Melchora Aquino who has a soft heart for the abused and forsaken
You are the Gabriela Silang who is well-equipped with knowledge about your rights

You have a voice that can break the patriarchal society -
that not only the ones with the "BALLS" have the power and rights to be heard.
You can fight for your rights.
You can keep up with the power of the world's Adams.

You are not just for house-making and bed to be considered an Eve
You should be considered as an individual Eve by the society

You are an Eve
who has the right to be respected
who has the right to be heard
who has the right to be cared for

You are an Eve
who knows how to stand on her own for the better of the majority and not only for a few

You are an Eve
who is prepared to go against the odds

You are an Eve who is rare
you are one of a kind....

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Great! You've touched my heart sir with your blog like this :)


thank you...

Is that your wife and kid? Beautiful!


yes sir... thank you for reading my blog

well compose thoughts blog sir. you crafted it well with feelings and emotions. keep up the good work. done upvoting.


thank you

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lovely poem! surely, it touch your wife's heart.


thank you