Mr. Nothing

in #poetry2 years ago

mr nothing1.jpg

He thinks he’s George Burns
But he’s not even funny.

And cigarette ash and soot
will never be a fine cigar.

He won’t live to see a hundred.
That’s for sure.

He is precisely 50 percent confidence
encasing 50 percent ignorance.

Just enough of one that he can ignore the other.

Just enough that no one can ignore him.

He makes sure of it.

He will be right with you to share his latest conjecture
Just as soon as he is done blowing his own mind!

Feigned looks of mental gymnastics abound, before a staged and overdramatized audible gasp and raising of the eyebrows.

Oh great, he’s talking again
Oh great, he’s saying nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And he’s so happy with himself.
Happy for all this nothing.

Best wishes,

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