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She's always bin a drama queen.
But she needs y'all!
Last night she said don't wait up
The fight took too long
Taught she could find a reason To hold on
Giving life a second chance
Just hold on to me love
we shouldn't break up.

Lately she been falling on her feet
Get back up, she be walking naked on the street
Just the body left, soul out. you dig?
But you didn't leave a clue
Yeah right nobody knew
Where you at when she needed you
She couldn't pour her heart out
Cos she needed a body who won't judge her.
But some love to fill her void
But man never knew she was dropping a suicide note.

She said leave but she never meant it.
Thinking you'd stay and never let go
Where your heart at man, ur just a lego
You should have stayed cos she needed you
Man you still not getting it
But you lost a beautiful soul
She fell blindly into something that wasn't so pure
Life was cruel she didn't want to be involve
The truth is she was scared nothing was working out.
But she wanted to pour her heart out
And give life a second chance.

Giving life a second chance
she woke you up last night
But man took two shot of vodka
Like a log of wood
Laid on the bed and couldn't move
Man release himself on bed just to ease his stress
Girl, this man cant ease your stress
What a lonely night, no one heard death calling.
She could hear the cricket and other singing insect
Perform a duet.
Still nt getting me thru the night
I'm going to bed.
Goodnight my love.

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