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Good day Steemit citizens, this is not an introductory post but I feel like saying who I am for the sake of relevance in poem to follow.


My name is Jurgen Namupira, penname is Troy. I was born in Africa and proudly Black, brought up in a Black Community and most importantly I have an African heart coupled with a black mind. So here is what I have to say today:

I am sick
but not tired
Promised myself never to tire
and never will my color fade...
yet still sick
and sometimes closely give up,
this is enough I tell you.

I have given enough dry tears to the earth
weeping for that kid,
the black kid
stuck in a black street,
smoking black cigarrette
heading towards a dark future
when a black parent went M.I.A
and a black sister was given her black baby...
And they are all stuck in this lower black class.

I love the black,
yes I do!
Only when it is appreciated,
given credit of intelligence
renumerated for their resources,
recognized for their abilities
and promoted for their worth.
Just then,
my dry tears will disappear.


Good poetry. Keep it up

Thank you dear, will surely keep on keeping on

me gusta tu poesia

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