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We could have been best friends only if your thoughts were not polluted by the fallacy of modern love,
At twenty one you had a ton of feelings for me inspired by your uncontrolled oestrogen,
But forgive me I had my testosterone in check
I couldn't reciprocate likewise
All I saw in you was an innocent adolescent
Little did I know you're such an indecent juvenile
Soaked in the sins of masturbation
Worshiping every night at the altar of porn
Wishing I could one day drop the righteous act and pull you into my arms
Only the wild imagination knows what goes down thereafter if not zips...

I'm sorry,
We're not compatible.
You judged me for keeping your pants on
And not noticing your cleavage.
Actually, I did
But it never bothered me.
I perceived it's your modern fashion,
After all
Nowadays you guys dress up to be half-naked

It's goodbye I guess,
We both tried our best
Alas our intentions couldn't marry,
So yeah!
It's divorce before engagement


Image Source: pixabay.com

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