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Your words hurt
I want to pretend
Like I do not hear you
Snickering amidst your snobbish friends
Talking of how poor I am
And how untidy my uniform looks
You say it like I am even unfit
To live amongst humans
Those words hurt me

Your words hurt
I hear you
As you instigate the people against me
With hateful propaganda
And brilliant lies
You tell them I am unfit to lead
Beautifully drafted rumors
Simply because I do not align
With your selfish political tendencies
Those words, they hurt

Your words hurt
I see you
Laughing and making jest
Hurling painful words at me
Because I chose books
And I look like a nerd
With my round thick glasses
You treat me differently
With your actions
But mostly with your words
And the words injure me

Your words hurt
As you whisper from ear to ear
Talking about mysterious men
Young and old alike
Ones you claim to have seen
In my house, room and bed
Dragging my name in the mud
To quench your gossip lust
Just 'cos I am different
Because I am not like you
The words strip me of dignity

Your words hurt
They are like a million daggers
Piercing through my soul,
Past my body
All at once
You open your mouth
And slice a part of me
You breathe a curse
An insult, a demoralizing statement
And I crumble some more
Beneath the weight of these painful words

You say you cannot kill
You condemn murderers
Rapists and thiefs
But you are worst than them all
A hideous snake
Cloaking it's venom in red lips
Or full beards and dark shades
Or in the never closing hole in your face

No one knows what you really are
No one knows
That though I look fine
And I smile
And laugh
I am dying in bits and pieces
From the daggers of your words
Your words;
They truly hurt

©Onashile Peace (tolarnee)


Iam vote you, you vote my ,oke?

Don't listen to people with tongues knows no kindness and hearts without mercy.