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Who says
At the end of the tunnel is light?
Who says
After hardwork comes victory?
Who says
You will not find your back to the ground
Again and again
And yet again?
Who tells you
Failure is not waiting for you
With arms wide open
Taunting you
To fall into eternal despair and defeat?

But I tell you
March into failure undaunted!
Expect that double headed beast!
Let it push you down
Let it knock you off your feet

Just don't you stay down!
Don't you succumb
To its teases and tendrils of constant doubts
Don't you listen
To its screams of inferiority
And the chants
Of "You are not good enough"

Don't dare stop moving!
You fly again,
Run again,
Walk or crawl again!
Do whatever it takes
To keep moving

Do not retreat to the shadows
With your tail between your legs
Don't listen to what it says
Pick up your lessons
Embrace the faults
Corrections and loss
Then you build again
You climb again
Stronger than before
Wiser than ever
You do not give up!!

Maybe someday
Through the right lenses
You would look back
And realise most truthfully
That failure wasn't your enemy
It was your most needed friend
With the toughest love unimaginable

But for now
Don't you dare stop moving!

©Onashile Peace (tolarnee)


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Truly and inspiring piece @tolarnee, thank you for sharing