Only Human - An Original Poem

in poetry •  3 years ago  (edited)

We're not impossible
To love, only human

Not impossible only human

With our aposcle hearts
Being mission driven.

We ask, Guide us to heaven
As we lay hidden in

The Sublime cradle of snow

We listen through
The silence of stars

We will stay
And we will go

Home is in the sky

Fly free with those you know
Let go, the one you have forgiven

A choir of absolution
Follows you into ether.

We're only human.


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Nice poem.

Poet...nice. I never learned to write poem.

Upvoted and following. Take a look at my latest content about my life in the orphanage.

Very good post!

Good piece. Been working thru/dealing with stuff with my ex-wife this week, and this kinda spoke to that, in my heart and mind at least!. Followed.
Best, Guy