Guilty - Original Poetry

in #poetry4 years ago

Unable to breath,
this pressures too much.
The pain within,
missing your touch.

Will I find you,
before it's too late,
or remain alone,
and suffocate.

In my last moments,
no struggle, no fight.
I'll just lie here
praying for night.

My mind is calm,
flooded with thoughts of you.
Eyes heavy now.
My time is due.

Aching for you kiss
one last time.
My sentence is up
loving you my crime.



Months Out of Action?
Good to see you back. Thanks for All the ......

Yea, life is funny like that. I am semi-back now tho.

Welcome back.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year in advance.

Thank you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you as well.

You're welcome

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