Desolate - Original Poetry

in poetry •  17 days ago

Left alone,
with the silence of my mind.
Looking for a moment of peace,
none to find.

Where has my happiness gone?
Lay covered in dust
Corner of the floor.
Unable to reach it, tho I must.

The life I've lived,
a distant memory.
The end I crave,
setting me free.

Lost in the moment,
forfeit my time.
Welcoming the cold,
darkness, sublime.

No clues left.
Who cared to know?
All that remains,
cold wind, and snow.

Lost my warmth,
my sanity, my will.
I just need to rest my body,
to be still.

Tired of doing this
alone, on my own.
This desolate land,
now my home.


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Light a fire my friend and get yourself warm and reboots your creativity. It’s alive and well I can see by you expressive poetry🙏