Demons Unseen - Original Poetry

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

The demons inside,
tormenting me,
my words nullified,
needing to be free.

Showing their face
at the worst times,
putting me in my place.
Guilty of their crimes.

Will they always be there?
Are they a part of me?
Why won't they play fair?
Please just let me be.

I see the signs,
I know it's coming,
no confines,
the pain is numbing.

How do I overcome?
I want to take control,
but I'm always outdone.
It's taken its toll.

I'm left hurting,
they've hurt you.
I tried averting,
they broke through.

Sorry for the monster,
and the feeling it conjures.
Just know it isn't me,
hoping you'll see.

I promised to protect you,
the wicked in me betrayed,
bursting out without a clue,
leaving you hurt and afraid.


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