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Sermon in September 2018 - Blue Sky

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First Amendment Sermon in September 2018

How gagged will our gardens of ideas become before
The status-quo consensus has reduced the public’s sources of
Information to mere
Biased trickles of events using
Trigger-phrases to signal judgments and set
The volume and repetition?

(As if reality can be created
By their narratives and people’s confidence
In the minions of interpreters…)

(Until oceans of idolatries
Islands of beliefs
Argumentative mornings, pure friction
Sets fire to the beautiful
Innocent world that was
And could be?)

(Until our miraculous position
In space and time
Nears deliberate hell,
The smells, flames, demon-overlords,
Torture from conception, til death’s
perceived as freedom?)

(Until we walk away, reason together,
Stop spreading sound bites like viruses,
Masquerading as truth (nods from the media gods)
(nods from fictional Hollywood
creatures) (nods from elitists who eat
our energy like candy) (nods from purveyors of lies,
of war) (nods from poisoners of life itself) ?)

(Until we think and question and examine
All sources and agendas
And demand transparent walls.)

Do not close
Your mind or put barbs
In opinions
Nor assume truths need not be tested
Often, if we are to return, collectively,
To sanity and blue sky.IMG_7018.JPG

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