I KISSED A BOY -A Spoken Word Piece.

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Hi there!

Today I bring you a poem, which is actually the first of the I Kissed A Boy/I Kissed A Girl challenge series.

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© thinkermyles
(This is an originalwork.)

I kissed a boy.

Gentle and tender he was.
Like a rose soaked in alabaster.
He was the best I’d ever had, and I never wanted to let go.
I’d always thought I was alone,
That I’d be forever with my hurts
That nobody would ever get me, or my jokes.

I kissed a boy,

I’d once considered it an abomination, a shameful and most abhorred act
I thought I’d never know how it feels
To love a boy like me
Indeed it’s a queer feeling,
One to make unicorns shake in pleasure
Of the sweet taste of passion-fruits from the clouds

It took me ten months, three weeks and five days
To come to terms with what I’d done.
I’d grown to hate myself, living daily with only thoughts of suicide.
Five times I slit my wrists, hoping gravity would forget about me,
And finally let me go to the great beyond.
But every time I try, death ran far from me.
Telling me to try once more, even if it means looking in the oddest places

See it hasn’t always been this way,
He used to be a friend, but nothing more.
Until things began to change
I’d sometimes imagine what it feels like to be him
Or Be In Him!
To understand his mind and him mine.

It all began with a touch,
That first contact that changed everything forever
His rough-yet-gentle hands grazed mine
His eyes looking too deep in mystery
I began to lust for him
And wished to have him all to myself
Like the wind I made up my mind to sail free

I was tired of the hurt, the pain and depression
I was tired of being told ‘no’
I was tired of the many thoughts, fears and tears
I was tired of all the slits on my wrists
And the accompanying guilt that followed each failed attempt
See I was fed up of it all, so I let him in
I gave myself, and had my fill of the tall glass he was

I lay on the lawn one starry night thinking about him
And like the work of some foul god
There he was, smiling with all charm
Then he came close.
‘Hello’ he said
‘Hello’ I said
And so began the tales of a love untold

They say you have to lose yourself in the moment
So I chose to plunge into the fantasy of my own dreams
I threw caution to the wind.
“Hello” we said, as our lips grazed each other
Two souls collide, worlds unite, and synergy form

I Kissed A Boy
And that boy was me.

Thanks for reading.
Do leave a comment on what you think about the poem.

Peace and Love,



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