Van Gogh's Landlady.. and Teaching Mediocrity

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Heard a story years ago
no longer can confirm
pertaining to the great van Gogh
and whom it may concern.

First wonder if he even knew
the world would ever know.
He painted only for ten years
then died by his own hand.

Early in his brief career
he sought to learn to color draw,
applying to a school of art
Vincent was rejected.
Instructors then suggested
he enroll in children's class.

He forsakes all formal training
paints all fleeting day and night
in gardens, cornfields, sometimes raining
leap flogging dark and light.

Van Gogh moved in sudden spurts
leaving stacks of canvas found,
landlady used abandon works
to line her kitchen cabinets round,
and as I think that through I bet
she laid them all face down.

Read the letters to his brother.
He could paint with words as well
poetry in prose not hidden
wrote to Theo from his hell.

His brother saw what he saw
innovation of efficiency
dimensions of prolific awe
heard music of discovery

great vision with new color sight
the ease the dance the joy the light
brush strokes etching art's new ages
sculpted paint in mountain ranges.

If teachers could paint masterpieces
they would give this gift to you
but since they cannot teach us how
will teach us how not to.

Too well I know education
not 'learn' but 'teaching' game,
if van Gogh had gone to art school
we'd of never heard his name.

more @think500.. a prize in every box.

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yes, van Gogh could really take a picture


yeah, great photographer

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