Space Case of this Black Lit Sea (and life's entangled energies)

in poetry •  last year

How barbaric is this race
how far from slime and primal sin
our nurture ways and rocket rods
a billion years
behind green men
ten trillion behind gods.

Time entangled souls we are
elemental piece of stars
our cosmosaic universe
we know she goes,
but not how far.

Jupiter the moon and Mars
endless dark sea, countless stars
unbounded life, dimensions mingle
combined in time
appearing single.

Big bang from some tiny slit?
One universe fine tuning fits?
Stringy bozo waves vibrate?
Wormholes open
light year gates?

Speed of light, quantum flight
Newton vs Einstein.
Super nova, ancient sight
answers lost,

Smart dark matter shadows life
energy of mass amazing
source and tangle still not known
new investigations

Fickle flight electrons
change course when observed.
Space not really nothing.
Gravity is

Maybe we're a simulation
but if she is, I just don't care.
Emulate sweet pink carnation
fake me out
with scented hair.

In transcendental search for gods
our universe a tiny a star
we know she blows and grows and flows
but never will know
just how far.

Another cosmic masterpiece
star lit feast of mind.. ignored
by blind prevailing pundits
proxy of
the starving hordes.

more @think500.. crackerjacks in every box.


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Thanks for the encouragement.. having read and commented favorably on three of my poems, you are my greatest fan, hope you read more @think500

Thank you! This was beautiful; I will be re-steeming!