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Don't waste your time to tell what you feel and how you feel to a person you love...



Maybe because you never asked, or maybe because I never knew,

The two of us are just friends, yes, me and you,

Maybe because you don’t claim, you never wanted, you never care,

So I think you don’t feel me, I think it’s unfair.

When he waits for you there, and loves you all the time,

It’s better to choose him, Do not waste your time on me, my divine,

Let him be the one you love, let us be the same as we used to be,

Being friends all along, till the end, we will be.



Time goes by, we never talk, we never play,

I’d moved on, had a nice place to stay,

Seeing you standing outside my door, exhausted and unhappy,

Finally realized that you love me, but I’m sorry.

I’d already changed, you are too late,

I don’t need it anymore, It’s a matter of fate,

Never look back for me, give it to someone who deserves it,

Don’t ever come back to me, you and me, unfit.


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Regards @thidaratapple
@Teardrops SMT imaginary @surpassinggoogle sent this tear of joy.

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Thank you very much @teardrops! It's my second time around. I feel very happy to myself. Thank you for the support and thank you for liking my poems. :)


Well, that was just plain depressing. Makes me want to go to McDonald's and buy 3 Big Mac's. Maybe more. Wash them down with some cheap Merlot.

Anyway, I appreciate your use of rhyming couplets. I'm trying to encourage more poets on Steemit to give verse a try. I'm having no luck. Anyway, thanks for making me even more pessimistic about love ... a poet's job is never done. :-)


Thank you very much Mr. @quillfire. :)



Just call me Paul. :-)

I'm waiting to see what you come up with next.


Ok, Paul. Thank you. :)

I really enjoyed reading this because it reminded me of my high school "love" and how we never seemed to be single at the same time. I remembered pining for him when he was professing his love for someone else to me at 2:00am under the windy trees behind my house. We sat for hours cuddling under a blanket huddled near a wooden fence watching the stars poke like whack-a-moles behind the fast moving clouds. I still see the trees swaying and hear the wind through them remembering him tell me about Melissa and how in love with her she was.

Your poem brought this flooding back for me. Thank you. It is pleasurable and awful though Time has healed that hurt.

Keep writing!


Thanks a lot Ms. @jocelynlily. :)
I haven't experience like this poem I'd made but, I'm using my imagination and the scenario of the possible situation that would be happen or happening in our lives. It takes time but, I will be used to it. :)