My Beloved - A Poetry Dedicated to Teardrops

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Teardrops is a sign of a joyful life that you have everyday. Being with your family, being with a friend, being with your special one, being with your lovely pets and being with the people around you.
But, what if the joyful life, your tears of joy, becomes a sadness. A @teardrops of sadness that no one wants to have, A drop that no one wants to experience. But, we must still accept the fact that we, as persons, must prepare for @teardrops of sadness.

I dedicate this poetry of mine to @surpassinggoogle 's @teardrops. Giving me an inspiration to make this poetry.
I dedicate this poetry entitled "My Beloved" for the people who had lost their loved ones, too.





😔My Beloved😔

In just only a short time, that we had known each other,

The happiness and suffering, had passed and strengthen our bond,

But time is what you also called cruel thing, 'cause time is quite short,

A time that had made us separate, forever.

Fate had determined the end, take care at your journey,

The path to the horizon, that only you knows the passageway,

I might not seeing you anymore, But I'll never forget you,

In the end, tears had dropped, but love will never fade away.

Even though you're so far away for me,

Our good memories and bonding will never be forgotten,

As long as the stars fill the sky, You'll still linger inside my heart,

Rest in peace, till we meet again, my beloved.


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Nice piece.. I personally do miss my late siblings and I think about them a lot


Thank you so much. I miss mine, too. :(