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Unintended Poetry - Evie Refuses Her Bath

in poetry •  11 months ago

Anyone who is a parent knows that parenting comes with it's ups, downs, twists, turns, and even some upsidedowns. And sometimes, just when you have your child figured out, they do something out of what you thought was the ordinary.

I shared one of those things in the Writers' Block chat on Discord last night, and @damianjayclay turned it into a poem, something he's been doing with everyone's conversations lately.

So, I give you, "Evie Refuses Her Bath", an #unintendedpoetry written by me, and #editedbyclay.

Art by @AnikeKirsten

Evie Refuses Her Bath

For the first
time since she
was an infant
she refused a bath.

She loves baths
and playing
with her toys.

I gave her a shower
to get her clean
from dinner.

Just when I think
I have this child
figured out.


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A fun, quirky poem, this. A pleasure to edit.


Thank you for turning my parenting struggles into poetry! I look forward to seeing more, haha.