30 DAY HAIKU CHALLENGE DAY 19 - Themadrunnah's reflection / An original poem

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  • Here's day nineteen of my reflection off of @brokemancode's haiku contest.
    Please visit his post and toss him an upvote if you have time!

Day Nineteen



The wind blows softly
Bamboos swaying so carefree
Let's join the gaiety!

An unyielding spear
One with nature, one with self
Pity the root rots


  • The photo and first haiku is brokemancode's while the second was inspired from his.

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I loved both of them. They seem a conversation between an optimist and the pessimist. I lived in Japan for a bit and loved the sound the bamboo forest made in the wind. Thank you for bringing that back for me. I have also accepted the 30 day haiku challenge. So far I have two. Be very pleased if you popped in a took a look. I am hoping to build community and make some friends among other poets and haiku lovers. Pryde

Mmm definitely a serene scene with the wind rustling through the bamboo!
I'll swing by your haiku next time I'm on the computer!
Thank you for dropping by!

Thank you, drunnah. I've started the #thirtydayhaikuchallenge with brokemancode too. I am only on day two:) Hope to see more of your work:)