Wondering... Original poetry by The Last Sage

in #poetry3 years ago

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I look to the sky
and wonder why...

I look to the earth
and then I try...

to resolve these feelings
hid deep inside

eating at my existence
stealing my time

I am here in the middle
Stuck in between

What seems like torture
and mundane routine

All of the programming
that led me here

Built by a system
that I am taught to fear

Do as your told
and follow the line

Stay on course
and you will be fine

Don't question the motives
or the things unseen

If they were meant for you
then you would be keen

To all of the lies
That have led to this disease

A system broken
built on corruption and greed

Feeding off the souls
of you and me

Rise up and be free
Step away from the machine

Learn what is yours
And what it means

To have a thought
That was never meant to be

To awaken to a world
of pure disbelief

Billions are tortured
So a few can succeed

Wondering why...

Wondering why...

Wondering why...

All this must be

The Last Sage

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