Lost in wrong places... Original poetry by Sage

in #poetry3 years ago


Sometimes I get high
In lost places

Sometimes I wonder
If I am complacent

To this world
Where I have been living

Well I don't know why
but the world keeps on spinning... around

Well I have walked long
On this great journey

And I am still moving
So I don't keep turning... around

Lost in direction
But still unconcerning

The motion of my life
I am still discerning... for now

Given the greatness
Of all that I'm learning

No more mistakes
Will ever concern me... aloud

Keep it to me
So as not to burden

The life of another
Or one single person... not now

We own what is ours
With no one to blame

No one to thank
And no to shame

Only the best
Of my journey I see

For this is the choice
Left up to me... right now

For all of the rest
I can not forsee

What will become
Of the you and me

Left with so little
Of all that we were

I can not help you
That is for sure... right now

The Last Sage


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