Road Rage

in #poetry5 years ago

Mind is a cacophony
Of pejorative obscenities
Full of derogatory terminology
A brief lexicon anomaly

Road rage, this is how it makes me feel
Reckless behaviour behind the wheel
"Dumb ass shit! I'll cave his fucking skull in!"
This is an out of body experience, I'm changing skin

Who let this halfwit retard drive?
I want to bury him alive
And while I'm at it mount the kerb
Wipe out a few more snowflake turds

Smashing horns and flipping fingers
Foul mouthed words, the hatred lingers
Punching doors, blood vessels burst
Death is knocking, book the hearse

The lights go green, the first car stalls
I'll castrate and cut this fuckers balls
Whilst in this state I don't feel mean
Need a psychiatrist to intervene

Small car driver, cuts in front
Didn't even indicate, the cunt
I fantasise of acceleration
Crash through their trunk - annihilation

Anger management kicks in
So far all noise been kept within
Or at least it has not left this vehicle
Am I one of those fully functioning psychopathic people?

Journey over, engine off
Break awkward silence with a cough
Climbing out of my minds black hole
I tell myself I'm in control

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