Terry's Poetry Tryings. Gambler.

in poetry •  11 months ago

My eyes - like ice,

I don't think twice!

Already paid my price...

Nerves run around like crazy mice -

I'm in fool's paradise!

And things look nice -

Lures to entice...

Twenty-four hours sliced...

You can be king or sacrifice -

This will decide by dice!

This is my "spice"

Too overpriced...

But I don't need advice!

I love these crazy days and nights...

Yes! Seven! Oh... suffice!

Sincerely, Terry Craft.

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Wow...@terrycraft reading this
My eyes are already rolling like dice
So so nice like my friend the singer Nice
thanks 2 u my steemit surprise will surface
But hey wait...let me rush now to the loo to poo like winnie the poo!
And come back to toast a glass of wine after winning my lack of wine 🍷
Thanks for making my day with this piece that will surely daze my day! 👌
So I shall up your game by upping your post😎

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nice play, i like that....

It's very nice,
To hear your voice,
Your post received a very good price,
You can use it to play the game of dice.

simple, beautiful and flowless , well arranged and speaks of our reality, love it

Nice piece, I'm a gambler myself as well.

You wrote that so very nice
Of heaven, you gave a slice

You are really good man.
Keep it up, there is a lot to learn from you!!!

you done superb again nice simple post,

i love poetry..keep it up..

Impressive. Is your stuff being published elsewhere?

@terrycraft love it, captures the essence and Ive played with that devil before. He stepped onto my shore years ago and kinda revisits from time to time creeping into my core.

That's a really cool poem Terry!!

Nice piece @terrycraft. looking forward for more