I Am Also Human (an original poetry)

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Hey guys... I was reading the update of one of the ManHua (Chinese comics) that I'm following just a few minutes ago, and after reading it, I felt like making a poem in the main character's perspective. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Screenshot from the Manga Site

I Am Also Human

People criticize me for being me
From their judgmental eyes, I am never free
They consider me abnormal or someone who's sick
Simply because I'm not attracted to any chick

To be honest, I don't really mind
From all the pricking looks, I could simply act blind
For as long as the people I hold dear in my heart
In their life, I'm still considered a part

But sadly, it wasn't the case
They initially thought it was just a phase
That time would come, I'd straighten my act
And from "being me", I'd finally retract

In my darkest times, they weren't by my side
And in my heart, I knew I was casted aside
They deny the real me; they couldn't accept
They're scared that I may scar the reputation they have kept

I wanted them to understand more than anyone
That this is the real me; there's nothing I could've done
Forcing me to live life in line with the norms
Is like constantly living in the eye of the storm


This might be a sensitive issue for some, but it just pains me to read the latest chapter because it does happen even in real life. I have a lot of gay friends, both open and closet ones. The ones I know are really fun to be with. They're kind and loving, they are real people... sometimes they're even more genuine than straight ones.

My point is, they're also human and they're not at fault for being true to themselves. So, it would be great for people not to judge them. I'm not forcing you to accept them, but if you dislike or hate them... just simply go on with your life without saying hurtful things. OMG! I'm being emotional... xD

So yeah, let me share to you some screenshots of the pages that really got me tonight.

Screenshot from the Manga Site

Screenshot from the Manga Site

Screenshot from the Manga Site

In this scene, he was having an argument with his parents. Of course, it's normal for parents to meddle in their son or daughter's life. I mean, they worry about us, too. But the hurtful thing was that, when YuYang was bullied by others, they didn't do anything at all. In fact, they were the first to judge him. Instead of talking to him, they got angry because they were worried about the people around them. They were scared that their reputation would be destroyed because of him. Isn't it supposed to be family first?

YuYang, the main character in the ManHua, actually is an interesting guy. He's also doing pretty well in their University and is being looked up to by most students. His preference is pretty much open in their University. Well, there are some homophobic people... but YuYang just doesn't mind them. His friends and classmates accept him for who he truly is. That's also the reason why he prefer staying in the dormitory.

He didn't like going back home because of his parents. When I think about it, regardless of gender and preference, some people tend not to stay at home. Some of them go home just to sleep... is it because their home is no longer a healthy environment for them? That... I wonder.

It's actually late and my mind is pretty active... Well, that's an owl for you! Anyway, thanks for dropping by! See you.. ^^

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