A Story of You and Me (an original poetry)

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A Story of You and Me

The first time we met was interesting
The questions we asked worth reminiscing
We immediately clicked more than I expected
Several people and things made us more connected

I enjoyed your company as a very close friend
To spend more time and create memories; we both intend
But along the way, my heart has changed
Though none of this, I intentionally arranged

And at one point, you fell in love
Not with me, but to a pretty dove
I felt lonely, but I chose to give way
For I know from the start, you wouldn't stay

Our relationship changed and it felt so weird
So I tried to avoid you until my hurt disappeared
I thought you were happy and that you're OK
But I thought wrong as I saw you smile less day by day

I tried to create a chance to talk to you
I wanted to know the reason why you're blue
I was lowkey hoping it was because of me
I know it's stupid; how honest could I be?

My friend told me that you confided
You're depressed coz our connection ended
I gathered my strength and asked you straight
Not able to spend time with me, caused you this state

I told you my worries; and your girl's dagger eyes
You told me not to worry coz your relationship, like time, flies
You admitted breaking up with her the night before
But the reason remained behind a close door

The closeness we used to have once again flourished
Every time we spent together, we happily cherished
It was a special bond we shared to each other
Although people around us believed we're romantically together

The time to finally be apart slowly and inevitably came
Like other things, it'll end all the same
So in a letter, I gave it my all and expressed my feelings
Coz I know for a fact that you'll soon be leaving

You bid goodbye to some friends and acquaintances
For there will soon be changes and distances
You gave everyone a performance you heartily prepared
It's a proof of your gratitude; I know you really cared

The next day was our whole last day together
We had breakfast; a heart-to-heart talk that could go on forever
Suddenly, tears ran down from your beautiful eyes
You handed me a letter; I felt my heart rate rise

I tried not to cry as I read your letter
But stopping it won't make me feel better
You then started singing a song of goodbye
Cried my heart out; I could no longer lie

You patted my head gently and heaved a sigh
We decided to make another memory under the sky
That night we went to a festival and laughed a lot
Tried to cherish the time we still have got


The fireworks that night was extra special for me
I saw impressive sea of lights with you; embraced by glee
But the next day... is the day I didn't want to come
For it's time to return to where you came from

At the airport, you were teary-eyed
I would've punched you if you cried
That day was the last time your eyes met mine
When I felt your warm embrace; I know it'll be fine

My way home that day felt the longest
Everything has been hitting me the strongest
You're no longer beside me; I felt lonely
I just cried... reminiscing our memories silently


It has been six long years since then
But I'm still hoping to see you again
The feelings we once had for each other might have changed
But the bond we have shared remains unchanged

I'm really glad to have met you in this life
I would gladly meet you again in our afterlife
I know I have expected something to happen
But what we have now is better than I imagined

Through the years, we stayed connected
Though some feelings eventually ended
I'm just grateful that for me you were always there
You have unceasingly made me feel that you truly care



I don't know why but I felt the emotions from this so much.
We can always be with the ones will love and care for. Sometimes all we got to do is to love them from afar

Thanks... this is actually a real story... hahaha... :)
That's so true... 😍😍😍