Reflections of fallen leaves

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Reflections of fallen leaves

Looking up to the sky
A world of cloud and history
The start was never seen
The ending only misery.
Crunched beneath foot
Heavy boots carrying weight
Fragile veins destroyed
Under orders of the state.
Strong they clung to hold
Gripping life and limb
The drifting storm too strong
Survival looking slim.
Ghettos built of the fallen
Bodies piled and stacked
Raked to become the base
A pyre authority backed.
Counted among the dead
All colours, creeds and breeds
No matter what the past
Forgotten are the deeds.
Words arrive and fall
The noise of another man.
Spring will rise again
To be claimed by the land.

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Obviously the poem is applicable to other things besides leaves on a tree. And that's the beauty of good poetry as it offers multiple messages. Thanks so much for sharing as I enjoyed it.


Thanks so much for sharing as I enjoyed it.

You are welcome :)

Counted among the dead, all colours.

My thinking... Whichever the colour of your skin, death awaits.

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Yes. It seems some have learned other.


So it seems. Interesting how we digest text.

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@tarazkp beautiful lines.I really enjoyed reading your poem.keep sharing.