Letting go slowly

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Letting go slowly

Seasons are coming and leaving so fast
The further we go the less it will last
Problems are falling from hand into lap
So many unwilling to do more than nap
Blind they are to the breaking of waves
The blowing wind and crumbling caves
All thought there was time up ahead
Time has now gone, all movement dead
Waited too long to start the attack
All that is left is the wall at our back

Was it you that did not do as you should
Was it you that did not do what you could
Laying blame can only amount to nought
Money there is but safe stays unbought
The pull on the rope that would get as near
Instead a noose pulled tight at the ear
Are you listening as the muscles fight
Too late as they snap in the last dying light

A network available all could take part
Many hands but none wanting to start
Is it I who have failed, me the amiss
The one left shaking a worn out fist
At the sun bright, the moon to follow
Mouth parched no more water to swallow
Skin peeling off as leaves from the tree
Stop, let it go, let me be, let me be

Lay down your arms raise up your prayer
Amounts to nothing, none caring to care
Actions speak yet it is the words they hear
Nothing more to see, no smile no cheer
Where were you and I when chance was
Hand in hand before the grip was lost
The clock has struck time to unwind
No more of our we, will another find

Smoke billowed forth from all we touch
We did? Nothing much, nothing much
Together we lived separated by walls
Together we died covered in our own palls
Never will we dance or play another note
Beauty has chosen to put on its coat
We will see it no more at the rate we go
Please some respite, go slow, go slow.

[ a Steemit original ]

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Wowwww! Beautiful content. I love the calmness and also the originality of the content. One step at a time definitely. Thanks for sharing Dear! Keep steeming.

This is good stuff. I love the rhyming. You are a poet too. Is there anything you can't do?

So many things it is embarrassing.

Actions speaks yet its the word we hear!!!
I love that part the most. Its follows with your post on the lyre bird. We shouldn't just listen to words, we should also listen to actions. Truly, its a work of a Steemit original, cheers.

I was beneath the coverlet,
Defending the bed from sunlight.
I stood, a green toddler turned away
From the fading fires of the moon.
I could not lift my hands because
I carried my prayers before me.
I could not move my feet becajse
Stale songs shackled lies to my ankles.
I wiped the window's tears
And try to see tomorrow's tears
But deluge came and stole
The remains of me away.

It's fascinating how you were able to capture in a poem subtle things that are happening at the present. It's like a snapshot of some lingering thoughts in the head. I also feel the fading hopes along the lines.

This poem lets us have a glimpse of what picture sadness can paint.

PS: The photo is giving me some trypophobia jitters. :'(

You left a pile of imageries in your verses though I was actually enjoying the calmness of the poem, couldn't help but notice it's awesomely written

It's also sad at the same time. Like a dark cloud looming over your head. :(

crafting imagery with words
bending light with verse
playing with emotion with metaphore
go slow - why not?

Dam good poem ! Plus many verses , Not easy , Thanks for thje read ..

wonderful poetry. keep going ♥

beautiful poetry is good at reading this spring :)

so also with life, there is a time when we are above the bottom, remember fall when it is above, do not ever drift with the beauty, everything will be lost by the time

This got me thinking, nice one