Supriya Gade:❤️ Judgement of life❤️

in poetry •  4 months ago


*******Judgement of Life************

What is mean by judgement?
Who takes a part to take judgement,
is it a brain or is it a heart.

Are we taking judgemental decisions for our life
Or it is situation which force us to make this decisions

Are we really happy with these judgements
Or we are just trying to make ourself happy

Success and faliure are the results of judgements
Which we takes throughout the life

People feel like we are all judgements are correct
Because they are taken by them for their life

But life is smarter than us
Life takes some decisions for us
For which we are not informed
Those surprising judgements
Change our life

Those are true judgement of our life ❤️

Thanks and love for all!
Supriya Gade ❤️❤️❤️

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