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Modern institutions that claim to be practitioners of superlative standards are themselves guilty of low standards. Even in their resolve to keep their purity and innocence, the decadence is more pronounced, only showing sparks or remnants of brilliance.

The music is no longer captivating, only showing occasional melody; the wedding songs have lost their capacity to generate excitement and happiness, while good old poetry is no longer revered as a unique art.

Powerless, ignorant leaders reign over dying institutions, propagating their poor knowledge, further impoverishing human society. From religion to medicine to art, indeed the entire gamut of life has become polluted and degraded by the fake, demagogic, selfish and ill-informed personalities who parade themselves as leaders of the people. The inability of man to elevate his consciousness above the mundane is hurting mankind rather than helping him.

This poem is a sad recollection of where we are as opposed to where we should be headed, what is and what should be. It is a subtle cry for help against what the poet percieves as an impending doom.

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