Hollow Healing

in poetry •  9 months ago

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hollow healing

sleep eludes
this unforgetting heart
unbroken circle of unsolved
mysteries of the night
losing the ancient race
my blood wants me to run
lay myself down under
the full moon lighting up the sky
trees won’t bloom
in the cold and dark
and neither will i
i’m deep in need for the pains
of the past
to cease their haunting of me
let me live out
the full thread of my life
before it’s sliced
my wounds reopen
time after time and time again
there is no cure-all for this ill
misspent my fortune
lost every bit of grace
still put a smile upon my face
and say i’m fine
i am not okay
but i’m not allowed to say the words aloud
nobody’s supposed to know
the depth my imperfections go
so instead i lie awake
night after night
counting the minutes
as they tick on by

28 February 2018

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