The Gallant Quest

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I followed your light and grew weaker, ever weaker.

I had a dream I was running gallantly through the dark, upon whence the moonlight shone.
My head it spun, with pounding flesh pulsing, fighting me, pushing me on.
I heard cries and screams as bullets ricocheted all around me like the hail in my heart does,
And on I ran faster than my feet could, matching the speed of light - chasing the fire.
So much darkness and pain and suffering and manic hysteria driving me under,
The only time the energy changes seems to be when I'm surrounded by you.

I was caught up in all this electricity and my head felt like my thoughts weren't my own,
Who was I to try to hide my mind, my innermost thoughts, all these questions go unanswered.
I remember how I'd shot you down and the way you defiantly stood as the lead pulsed through,
I remember the way I sauntered away as though I'd just won a trophy, packed down the pain.
I convince myself that this is temporary and we'll go our selfish and separate ways,
And the silence encompasses me like the morning sun dapples the horizon - this is you.

I look above as the atmosphere changes from black to blue to bright and my tired body slows,
I seek my resolve in anything I can transport in a vacuum seal to match the reality I'm in.
As I reload my weapon and strap it to my back, I find that I'm no longer fearful of the noise.
With stamina, beatitude, resilience and defiance I hold my head above the storm,
Whilst secretly I'm curious how long this road will wind - will we reach our nirvana?
This quiet desolation moves slow like a gathering wind, lulling me into your path.

I followed your light and my gallantry fell away,and this was where I flew.



Nirvana is an interesting place to aspire to be.

This was no easy write up. Current stresses, unavoidable pessimism and lives in limbo, be it from lack of employment, finances or love. It's all fuckin' with my head a bit, doing what I can to remain positive.

thanks a lot for your support !!!
If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree.
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