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How I would love not to think of you, to sit for a few seconds on my balcony and gaze into the distant horizon, without glimpsing your dark brown eyes in the clouds.💞
How I would love not to dream of your name, which foolishly comes and hides in the recesses of my mind and comes out when I am unaware of what I might think.💫
How I would celebrate not memorizing you, not smelling your perfume in every corner I go, seeing you in every person that resembles you or believing it's you for having the same clothes.
How would it calm me down not to love you, if every second, every instant I keep loving you more, a feeling so overwhelming that it is too difficult to control.
Becoming a constant that doesn't let me think.
How I would beg not to love you, to see if I am brave and if I can feel different without giving you the best of me.
How can I not think of you?
How can I not dream of you?
How can I not remember you?
How can I not love you?
How can I not love you?
How can I...💗



This was brilliant... keep it up !!

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