Son of Wotan (Poem)

in poetry •  11 months ago
My curiosity, this time, has demanded certain demands, directed this time towards the mythological factor. Everything that covers aspects linked to ancient cultures that can decipher and tell anecdotes about natural events adding a touch of fantasy to explain phenomena linked to reality that was unknown at the time calls my attention. Far away from the Greek or Egyptian mythology there was a figure with whom I was attracted and curiously it is linked to the thirst of knowledge, a remarkable feature in my person learning a little bit of everything. This deity has been called Wotan or Woden but the name with which we know this figure is Odin, so this time I will take the opportunity to write a poem for this figure that attracts me a lot.



Safeguarding knowledge,
Through which you have lost your eye,
Fierce and wise Lord of Asgard,
Waiting in the Valhalla.

Always watchful with your spear pointing,
Warrior god of angry and rough temper,
waiting for the Ragnarok and your impending fall,
that final Battle that will cause his death

Furious and allegorical songs!
sword blows are your fun,
with the throne of blood of the fallen,
and few guests to your table for such honor

While I wait for my honorable death,
in these Nordic ice that will preserve my body.
May the Valkyries come for my soul and transport me,
to rest and eternal reward

Everything is written on this parchment called life
for mortals and gods alike.
Is there another reason to live than to fight?
maybe the pride of being Wotan's son.

Odin was not only considered the god of war, death and wisdom, he was considered to a lesser extent the god of magic and poetry. That's right, he, a believer in the figure of the high father had the benefit of his blessing, to obtain the necessary inspiration and elaborate his writings and translate his vision and emotions into these writings.

odins 3.jpg


Thank you for reading my poem, I hope you liked it.

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Seems I'm making a career out of this. LOL



I like the style :3

For it is written.


it's good that you liked it, thanks for sharing it :3

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