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Womanhood reminds me of the sea
Two sides to every story but it has six

Jesus understood the need for conversation
“Peace, be still”
Not taking away it’s glory
Not blaming it for roaring
“Just give me a second. Please work with me. I come in peace. Be still”

Peter could not swim
But he dared to walk
Turned around blamed water for doing it’s job
“I’m meant to absorb even skin”, I said
“Jesus walked on you”, he replied
“Well, do you realize he asked for permission?”, I answered
But why did he need permission when a fellow man was allowed?

Jonah tried
Found an escape in my surface
Swift and surf and row and paddle
He had no plans of staying
Did not respect me enough to handle his sins
He could only handle surface so when I showed him content, he was absorbed too deep in it to notice he was drowning
My dreams were pregnant and my aspirations had teeth
I spat him out. Salt without taste
I can be legion or I can be a lesson

Ask Noah
Instruction, preparation, commitment
I held him in my arms
I rode him on a horse that other men drowned in
I drowned other men to ride him on a horse
When men heard I was coming, they laughed
I have grown their crops
I have watered their rivers
I have showered them. I was incapable of taking life
But unlike God, “water drown them for they know not what they do”

Like Paul
Incapable of understanding
So he made sure the understanding became incapable
Took voice, took power, took freedom
He forgot the dresses of Deborah that saw battle
So he took the pulpit because he did not understand why waves roared and why storms flowed

Like me
Who birthed men who put me down
Who had rivers flowing out of me for children I did not put out
For apologizing for the sins of eve that weren’t mine but forgiven for the sins of Cain that started death
For having a monologue
For have a dialogue
For having a log in life
For being still
For being loud
For drowning
For being ground
For doing my job
For not doing my job
For existing


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