Fear of(original poetry)

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So many fears, stacked up high
Fear of love, fear to fly

I find myself questioning every desire
I desire to stop desiring the fire

I just admire it from afar
Like a distant attraction
A shooting star

Frozen in time, I stop in my tracks
Not trying too hard, I put on no acts

I feel what I feel, unable to react
Channeling the tears I hold back

Afraid is what I feel
But fear is not what I am
I am me, healing, breathing
I still am, that's enough for me

They come and go as they please
I adapt, in stillness and ease

Hearts keep beating until they don't
Some fears I'll conquer, some I won't

Just a little poetry for the night. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Much love

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I really really like this poem! It needs some music to go with it!
There's a lot of meaning in these words. Fear, and dealing with it.

Sometimes our words lie in a poet's stanza... And so we relate to all of them. Beautiful piece.

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I loved it, I myself struggle with fears, to the point my next project is called Fear nonMore, and always enjoy to read how others convey the emotion... Beaitiful poem


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my poetry. I've been experiencing a lot of restlessness and I think it has something to do with fears I'm currently working through. I liked how this one turned out and I'll be looking out for your next project about fear.

Fear is part of the human condition and it can be really hard for me to get past it at times.

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Sometimes Fears are warnings of things we must pay attention to...
sometimes we must befriend our fears so they don't drag us down, but maybe they're not the bad things we think they are, when we learn to walk alongside them....
As long as it 's not paralizing, then it means it's too overgrown... and we need to harness it back to normality...
but we learn from them too...

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nice work :)

I wish you could see what I see about you. To me, you are such a beacon of light where fear, anxiety or anything of the sort has no place. I love your tenacity, your persistence, and your strength and honesty. You are one of the women on Steemit that I truly hold in high regard. I have benefited a lot by just watching how you move on Steemit. In my book, you always rock. And you are a woman that I respect. And I did enjoy the poem as I do all of your poems. @staceyjean.

What a lovely poem @staceyjean :-) The sobering realization with which it ends is perfect. Would it even be or feel good to be "fearless"? I don't know :-)

Thanks for the poetic life-lesson <3