[Poetry] First round

in poetry •  7 months ago

We do not see each other eye to eye,
We've been fighting like crazy for years.
I’ve gained some, but you do it more often than me,
After all this time, you’re still not tired.
You're testing me, without a hint
You throw a storm over a good day,
You want to see what I'm doing, you pack me in a bag,
Out of the frying pan into the fire, little devil that you are.
As if we did not always know,
When you smiled and you told me lies
My favorite ones. That I’ll meet a girl,
That we will love each other and make children,
That I will have money and a house. You told me to trust you.
That everything will be fine.
I was naive and I listened to you,
I accepted all your lies,
And I’ve put them to heart and as a fool I believed
Everything you told me from the beginning.
But you wanted to mislead me
And to show me that you are stronger
And that nothing is offered on a plate
And no one is playing with Fate.
I bow, you won this round,
Today, I say, I say to you in a furious voice,
This round you’ve won my dear,
The war is about to begin.

Image source:Pixabay

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