[Poetry] Falling

in poetry •  3 months ago


Cold air whips down my face,
My heart is beating fast,
Like it’s having a race.
I’m looking down,
And the world seems so small,
I close the eyes and let myself drift away,
The clouds aren’t white, they seems to be gray,
And as I’m falling and close down to the earth,
I see my whole life. From now till birth.
I see myself on the first day of school,
When I was trying to look cool,
My first love, first kiss when skipping class,
First time heart broken, like a glass,
First drink, and fight, and fail, success,
First cry, and joy and all there that were,
Either good, or bad, no matter how,
It matters not all that right now,
Cuz’ everything was in the past,
And every second from now on,
It might be my last.
I’m falling. I’m getting closer to ground.
And baaam…

I wake up. Scared, but safe and sound.

Image source:Pixabay

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