[Poetry] A pair of white legs

in poetry •  5 months ago

I fell in love with a pair
of beautiful white legs.
I’ve seen them walk near me,
as I was getting crisp in the sun.
I’ve seen them once,
and I was done.

A goddess?
Was my first thought.
how she could be not?
Those lines,
close to perfection,
A beauty,
that demands admiration.

I wanted to kiss them, bite them,
to wrap them around me,
to place my head on them,
and sleep there for eternity.

Running after her,
I stumble and got sand in my eyes,
And looking around, I realise,
That my goddess with beautiful legs,
disappeared into the sea.

Image source:Pixabay

It's summertime and our eyes are delighted by the beauty around us. This is one of the reasons I love summer.

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Is the photo from music clip?


It's a stock photo from Pixabay. I mentioned the source in the post